Brewing In The South: America’s Next Big Beer Brand – Charleston-based Island Brands USA is making waves and suds

Brewing In The South: America’s Next Big Beer Brand – Charleston-based Island Brands USA is making waves and suds

Brewing In The South: America’s Next Big Beer Brand Island Brands USA raises nearly one million dollars in one month!

Charleston, SC (January 5, 2020) – Island Brands USA, producers of clean, better for you, super premium beer, set at a competitive price point to fill the gap between factory beer corporations and craft breweries, announced today nearly a million dollars in new funding – raised in just one month – on StartEngine, the crowdfunding platform backed by renowned businessman and SharkTank investor, Kevin O’Leary.

The fast-moving campaign (link: offers 7 unique tiers of investment ranging from $250 (Tier 1) to $50,000 (Tier 7). In exchange, investors can gain brand equity, exclusive brand merchandise, and a range of outrageous perks – from creating the next Island Brands beer, to a private seaplane fishing excursion in the Bahamas, and even an oyster bed built in your name. So far, the campaign has attracted over 969 investors and raised over $994,425.

“About 85% of US beer drinkers consume mass-market lagers from multinational corporate beer factories. These beers contain corner-cutting fillers, GMOs, preservatives and other unwelcome ingredients. The remaining 15% of beer drinkers consume what’s commonly known as craft beers – often times heavier beers, and with a higher alcohol content,” explained Brandon Perry, Co-CEO and CMO at Island Brands USA. “We’re convinced there’s another path: a mass-market lager made with only four fresh ingredients (malt, hops, yeast, water), containing zero fillers, but yet still delivering that easy-drinking experience most beer drinkers crave.”

Island Brands’ two flagship beers, Island Coastal Lager and Island Active (containing just 88 calories and 2.6 carbs (per 12 oz.)) deliver on the founder’s vision and in the next 6 months, the brand will introduce two additional varieties: Island Lemonada and Island Southern Peach – just in time for Summer.

“We’re taking on the heavyweights of the beer world in true ‘David vs Goliath’ fashion,” said Scott Hansen, Co-CEO and CRO at Island Brands USA. “Three years ago, we launched with one beer. People in the industry thought we were crazy. But here we are today, in 7 states and 3 countries, with over 6,000 points of distribution. We’re in Publix, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods, you name it. Our brand has shown the highest growth in the Southeast’s largest grocer and the second highest YOY growth for beer brands in the Southeast. We struck a deal with Carnival, the world’s largest Cruise company, and we’ve developed a massive, passionate, and growing following on social media. This crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity for people to get on board a rocket ship, or maybe in our case – a speed boat.”

About Island Brands USA Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Island Brands USA is a rapidly expanding domestic super premium lifestyle beer brand, first conceived when the founders took a trip to Cuba in 2016. The following year, the recipe for brand’s first beer, Island Coastal Lager, was developed, brewed, and launched into the marketplace. In 2020, Island Brands launched its second beer, Island Active, a refreshing low-carb alternative to the limited choices available in the market. Island Brands USA is active in coastal conservation efforts through various partnerships and charities. For more, visit: