5 Things to Remember for a Mountain Weekend

5 Things to Remember for a Mountain Weekend

5 Things to Remember for a Mountain Weekend

Tips from Derrica Boyce

We’re only a few days into the new year, and I can confidently say that a weekend getaway is already needed. While the weather is cold and travel is still limited, maybe a trip to the mountains is just what the doctor ordered! Hit up an Airbnb, grab some friends, and pack a bag, but don’t leave without the “5 Things to Bring on a Mountain Weekend.”

Seasonings: You’re in the middle of the woods- chances are there aren’t many restaurants around the corner. Take advantage of homemade meals, but make sure they’re spiced to perfection! Various seasonings can be costly, so to avoid having to purchase seasonings on your trip, bring your essentials with you for grilling and cooking.

Extra blankets: When taking a weekend away your plans will mostly consist of rest and relaxation. To make sure your goals are achieved, you’ll need to get as cozy as possible. Rental houses may have blankets to spare, but you want to make sure you have enough to use outside on the porch, in the living room, and to sleep with in cold weather.

Comfy Clothes/Pajamas: Going along with #2, you’ll need the perfect outfits for maximum relaxation. Lounge around in your coziest sweatshirt or pajama pants, and enjoy the weekend in comfort! Let’s be honest, nobody wants to lay around in jeans.

Your Favorite Games: Cell reception can be spotty, so take the weekend to unplug with some good ole fashion board games! A little friendly competition is always a fun time, and can pass the hours in the best way possible. Don’t forget your deck of cards and ping pong balls for drinking games too!

Island Beer: Bring your cooler, stop for some ice, and make sure to pack your Island Coastal Lager and Island Active! The refreshing taste of a Island can easily take you from beaches to peaks. Perfect for sipping in the hot tub or chugging during a beer olympics. Added bonus - if you drink enough beer, you probably won’t need those blankets or seasonings.

As always, please drink responsibly, and don’t trash your Airbnb - cleaning fees are expensive!

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