75Hard Week #2 - The POWER of Your Thoughts

75Hard Week #2 - The POWER of Your Thoughts

75 Hard Week #2- The POWER of your thoughts

Do you talk to yourself? No, really, think about it. If you just thought “I don’t talk to myself,” well, I hate to break it to you... but you just talked to yourself! The real question should be when are you NOT talking to yourself??

So let’s chat about self-talk, whether it’s verbally out loud, or in the inward quiet of our minds. How do you talk to yourself? Too often, the pattern of self talk is negative. The point that I want to dive a little deeper into is this - Have you ever thought about how your thoughts influence your actions?

Fun fact, (just to support the journey here) our minds are constantly on the go, even at rest. In fact, some studies show that we have anywhere between 25-35 thoughts per minute. That equates to 45,000 to 55,000 thoughts per day (no wonder I’m always so tired)! How often do we “narrate” our own thoughts? If you’re anything like me, it’s All. The. Time.

Take this morning for example. Did you wake this morning and think to yourself (or rather, express out loud) “Ugh, I’m so tired!”

Did you plan to exercise (yes, yes you did), but you think to yourself “oh man, I just don’t feel like it.” Or “I’m too tired/cold/sad/busy/sick” Right, insert whatever emotion is fitting.

These are only two examples, but this self talk is destructive. This goes on throughout our entire day most often. And this doesn’t even touch on what we think to ourselves about other people! Do you ever compare yourself to others? That, right there, is destructive and negative in nature.

Did you know that studies have shown that your negative thoughts are 4-7 times more powerful than positive thoughts? Translating this for maximum effect here... my negative thought could influence my actions by up to 70%! Whew, that’s dramatic!

José and I had the privilege of participating in an ongoing course in the concept of “neutral” thinking lead by Trevor Moawad, mental conditioning coach. The concept of “neutral” is easiest understood when compared to a vehicle. If drive is “positive” and reverse is “negative” than neutral is just that, neither positive or negative. Let’s call it middle-ground. This concept is an excellent practice when combined with self-talk. When you recognize a negative thought, can it easily be transformed to a neutral thought? It focuses less on how you “feel” about something, and it’s more focused on acceptance.

Give that some thought. Acceptance. Not feelings.

What are your intentions for your day? What are your goals? Are you letting your feelings dictate the outcome, or are you holding yourself accountable to your goals, despite the situation or how you feel about it.

How are y’all doing with 75 Hard?! Drop us a line! Connect with us on IG and get involved. Accountability is the key!