Introducing: Tulua Yoga

Introducing: Tulua Yoga

Introducing Tulua Yoga: a modernization of restorative yoga - vibrational arts, breathwork, creative vinyasa, and so much more. By Tulua Founder, Ashley Lauren

My name is Ashley, and I am the Founder and Master Instructor of TULUA Yoga and Wellness. I was raised in Davidson, NC and found my way to Charleston for college because I had been captivated by its magic during a middle school field trip. Interestingly, I could never quite shake my fascination with Charleston’s historic charm and coastal vibe. I graduated from The College of Charleston in 2016 with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in Crime, Law, and Society. My goal at the time was to pursue a career in Law.

However, I found myself feeling out of place in the corporate world, I noticed anxious tendencies and underlying health issues I struggled with throughout my teenage years rising back up to the surface because I was unhappy to my core.

I had a deep longing to feel a sense of connection and fulfillment through my work. I wanted to explore holistic health, avenues to create my own inner balance, and a sense of purpose. Throughout this journey I became a teacher and have developed an immense passion for sharing tools with others to create more harmony, enrichment, balance, and transformation in their life.


Now, here I am 3 years deep into a full-time career teaching and educating whomever I can reach about the Healing Arts. How did I arrive here?

In 2017, I ventured to Nosara, Costa Rica for 6 weeks for an energetics based certification in hatha yoga, creative vinyasa, and restorative yoga. The simplicity of the Pura Vida lifestyle is truly enchanting. My time living in Nosara was a catalyst in my personal growth and I will be forever grateful. Throughout acquiring my yoga teacher certification I soaked up the stunning nature and pure culture that Nosara had to offer. In addition, I was introduced to meditation and energy healing techniques such as reiki and breathwork. The culmination of all these experiences began the process of my spiritual awakening and connection to the universal force that connects us all, raises us, and inspires us.

It took about a year for all of my experiences in Costa Rica to integrate into my lifestyle in a capacity that truly resonated. I had this intuitive sense that guided me to remain steadfast in my goal to become a Yoga Instructor, even though it “didn’t make sense” to my family and friends at the time. I was gravitating toward this work for a reason and I fought hard to see my dream through.

To make a long story short. I was salaried at a top Yoga Studio in Atlanta for a year and gained incredible experience teaching any and every type of yoga class I could. I was then able to make the leap into the Charleston yoga scene. I teach at a few local studios around town with very contrasting styles from Power Vinyasa to Restorative Yoga to eclectic meditation techniques which has allowed me to continue to explore many facets of yoga disciplines, meditation styles, deep healing and relaxation processes.


After a multitude of teaching certifications and endless hours spent teaching, I’ve begun to craft my ideal style of practice through the platform of my company: TULUA.

TULUA Yoga and Wellness modernizes ancient healing arts to make them accessible to your life today. I currently offer services through a weekly POP UP class Monday 5-6 PM at Cannon Green Event Space in downtown Charleston. As well as through online membership programs, private sessions, corporate packages, and special events.

The TULUA method offers a 60 minute signature style class that includes a unique blend of modalities that I reference as The Vibrational Arts. A blend of healing arts rooted in science and spirituality. Designed to elevate your energy and transform your health.

The TULUA Method includes: Creative Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Energy Clearing, Stress Release and Deep Relaxation Techniques.

The TULUA method is a one stop shop: To tend to the deeper facets of your health and healing, to recalibrate your nervous system, to expand your consciousness, and move your body in a sustainable and expansive way.

“Happiness, empathy, compassion, and clarity are biochemical states; not contextual experiences triggered by phenomenon in your outer world.”

The Vibrational Arts are a prolific and profound tool to create and sustain these elevated mind body spirit experiences. Tend to your inner garden and watch the way your life blooms in unexpected and beautiful ways.

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My hope and dream is to one day offer global TULUA retreats as well as open a vibey and artistic healing center!

Either start or end your day with this Three-Part Breathwork exercise!

Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to lay down. Take a moment to anchor into your body and begin to observe the state of your breath. Our breath is often a mirror to our current mental/emotional state. So through shifting your breath you can uplift your current state of being.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and repeat the sequence below:

Place one hand on your belly and one on your heart

INHALE into your belly (diaphragm)

INHALE into your chest (lungs)

EXHALE out of your mouth (deeply and slowly)

If you would like to connect please feel free to follow along on my Instagram @tulua_yoga or email me at

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