Meet Team Active Member Derrica Boyce

Meet Team Active Member Derrica Boyce

Derrica Boyce //

A Little about Derrica:

I currently live in Atlanta, GA, I am a National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitor and a Pharmacist. I have 3 degrees and enjoy being creative, crafting, and cooking. I have always been an active person; however, when I started NPC completions, I started my Instagram to connect and meet new people and also share my experience.

How has social distancing shifted your workout routine?

COVID-19 has changed how I work out and train my body. I bought a treadmill so I can run indoors. I had incorporated resistance bands and cardio to format my workouts into an at-home version. I believe the hardest part has been keeping motivated, while adapting to our new normal.

What's your favorite at-home workout?

I recently started doing jump rope challenges. It is something new and different that I have incorporated into my at-home routine.

What advice would you give for people just starting to workout at home?

Make a goal with specific dates that you want to achieve something. If you have a purpose and timeframe, you are more likely to stick with it and finish it! Even if you backtrack or miss a day, never give up and keep going toward your goal.

What motivates you to keep pushing through?

The thing that keeps me motivated while working out at home are my goals. I have my goals, and even when I want to sit on the couch, in the back of my head. I have my goals to keep motivated me to be active.

What's your favorite thing about being an Island Ambassador?

I love that Island Coastal Lager is local, and the environment is friendly and welcoming. I feel like the company, and I can grow together. I love Island Active, as a carb sensitive person, 88 calories, and the low carb of the drink is excellent!

What's next in your quest to "Find your island" (i.e., your passion) in life?

I would love to expand my reach on my social media to inspire people to be healthy and to stay motivated. I hope to continue to grow and explore fitness and health! 101271551 288409038982600 6787314770023390600 n